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Project S.A.V.E (Survivors Against Violence Efforts) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping survivors of domestic and sexual violence heal through specialized counseling, yoga, education, and advocacy.

Project S.A.V.E was founded in 2016 and is Philadelphia's only domestic and sexual abuse crisis center dedicated to being a one-stop site.Project S.A.V.E services are free and open to men, women, and children from any background and any situation. Dealing with such trauma can bring many emotions in which one may not know how to handle. Project S.A.V.E thrives on "You are not alone." Here at Project S.A.V.E individuals are never alone, there is always someone available for support.

At this time Project S.A.V.E prides itself on providing group sessions, round table discussions, mental health first aid,yoga,acro-yoga, mediation services, dance classes, art therapy, individual therapy and peer counseling and defense classes. Project S.A.V.E is expanding and looks forward to being able to help individuals find stable living conditions, available individual counselors, individual psychiatrists, dance studios, music rooms, serenity rooms, and more.

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