Founding Board Members

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Arlana R. Brown

(CeO,Founder,& Executive director)

Born with a big heart Arlana believes that everyone has a purpose in life. Her purpose is simple, she wants to help. While in nursing school Arlana wanted to open her arms a little more, and started a non-profit to help high school kids attend Prom. After realizing the shortage in the city regarding resources for sexual and domestic assault, Arlana decided to do something.  Arlana started Project S.A.V.E with the hopes that people would no longer have to wait for treatment, but every need would be met. Her dream has been met with tremendous love and help and you can be apart of that too!



Abdul Karriem MuhammAd


Having a background in business and working with non-profits Karriem found himself in a leading position with Project S.A.V.E. From the beginning Karriem has voiced his opinion saying that he would do anything in his power to see this organization at its fullest potential.He has dealt with all types of non-profits and felt intrigued to Project S.A.V.E because of the mission. He has dedicated his time to see Project S.A.V.E grow to be what he knows it can be.

Dr. Kaneesha C. Parsard

(Vice President)

A graduate of University of Pennsylvania and Yale University Kaneesha has demonstrated a strong will for helping others her whole life. While a student at Penn, Kaneesha was also a mentor to inner city youth which was just the beginning. Starting awareness for sexual violence also as an undergrad student at Penn she believes in extending the cause even further. She joined Project S.A.V.E with the hopes of doing just that!


Alyssa R. Brown


Coming from a legal background and having experience in working with non-profits Alyssa joined the board in hopes of bringing some of her talents to Project S.A.V.E. A 2016 graduate of Temple Univesity, Alyssa took her talents and has worked with some big non-profit organizations. She believes that everyone has a chance at recovery and she wants to help in any way she can. Alyssa loves coming to Project S.A.V.E's events so the next time you see her, say hi!



Dr. Robert Kurzban

(Development Consultant)

Dr. Robert Kurzban is trained as a social scientist, having conducted research on human social behavior, including morality, political attitudes, and cooperation. He recently completed his Masters of Public Administration degree at the Fels School of Government and currently works as a freelance writer and consultant and volunteers with non-profit organizations, helping to write grants and improve programming. He also fosters dogs through the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society!