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Our Beginning

Project S.A.V.E took off when founder, Arlana realized the shortage in the city for resources dedicated to survivors of these horrific crimes. It was then and there that Project S.A.V.E was created not only for sexual assault or domestic assault survivors but also violence in general. Project S.A.V.E is the only one-stop center where you won't need to go different places to get different services, all services are in one. Project S.A.V.E through specialized advisement and treatment services works to identify not only a safe haven for the time spent at Project S.A.V.E, but for time thereafter.

33% of women are survivors of sexual violence or intimate partner violence.
90.3 % of stalkers identified as known to their victims.
5.3% of men will be killed by an intimate partner in the United States.

Our Mission

Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the United States. Being the biggest the demand for resources are an all time high. Project S.A.V.E stands to be the first one stop all crisis center in the city. Project S.A.V.E plans to provide individual/group counseling sessions, individual psychiatrist, activity rooms, serenity rooms, and a loving community.

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If you live in the Philadelphia area and have a passion for helping, you are in the right place. We accept volunteers regardless of your journey in life. If this is something that you can pour into and hopefully get something out of, you are more than welcome. Donations are also vital to our growth, as we use them in order to better Project S.A.V.E. All donations are tax deductible.

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Our Organization

Project S.A.V.E staff and volunteers love working with people. We hold various activities through the month and we make sure you are always put first.


“Healing starts within, whenever you are ready.”


— Arlana Brown, CEO & Founder


A Top 10 Service

We make sure that we are able to serve you, where ever you are. If you want sessions to happen at a park, coffee shop, or right in your living room, we will accomdate your needs.