Recap of the Week 11/13/2017

Recap of the Week 11/13/2017

Project S.A.V.E loves when you come to our programs, for one because we love to see your face! Also, we like chilling with the #warriors. This week we had a fun filled week of laugh, love, and healing. Our first event of the week was Yoga: Stress Reduction with Naima which was a cool laid back event. Then Friday we had our "How You Gonna Win, When You're Not Right Within?" self-love event. Both events were beautiful and fun! If you missed our Friday program we shared a lot of interesting tips and some cool things to make at him for your self. We've posted it below and if you are on our mailing list, you will receive it in an email also. No worries though, check back for some more dope programs and of course bring an open heart! :)

Aura Cleanser Bath Soak:

-Fill a tub of warm/hot water

-1 cup of Epsom Salt

-1 cup of sea salt

-1 cup of baking soda

-a few drops of any essential oil

-light a few candles and relax


Rose Water Spray

-bunch of roses(red petals)

-boiling water

-mason jar

-Florida water(its a cologne you can't drink it :)

-any essential oil

-spray bottle


-It can be used as a rose water setting spray for the ladies or you can use the same recipe and add some vegetable glycerin and use it for your face!


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November's Newsletter

November's Newsletter