Partnership with Gemelle Bowtique

Partnership with Gemelle Bowtique

Have you ever tried finding clothes to fit you? And when you found those clothes, it still didn't look right? The reason being was that you probably weren't shopping your shape. Gemelle Bowtique an online boutique is all about shopping your shape. The creator Stephanie Galante decided that women shouldn't have to try to be a size 0 just to be deemed beautiful. Out of this became Gemelle Bowtique.

Not only is Gemelle all about women empowerment but also about giving back. Gemelle Bowtique has a product just for Project S.A.V.E and every sale 10% is donated to Project S.A.V.E. This product was chosen due to the many surivors in silence and the many people who already have spoken out. As an organization that is what we are geared towards, helping those who have already spoke out to continue, and to those who haven't help them find the strength to do so.

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Oh and you might see a familar face. Did we mention our Founder is a model for Gemelle? Our founder's shape is a triangle shape so check out the cool fashion and take the quiz to find out what shape you are!

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