Project S.A.V.E is Sleeping Out

Have you ever wondered about the homeless teens and adults in the city? Thought about where and how could they get help? Ever wondered how big the problem is? There are over 15,000 homeless individuals a year alone in Philadelphia. This growing problem is not on the individuals but us as a whole. We as a city have to come together and help and that's why this week's blog post is about the Covenant House Pennsylvania.

Project S.A.V.E discovered the Covenant House from word of mouth and decided to check it out. This non-profit organization is dedicated to not only helping these teens off the street but making sure that they have all the resources they need such as food, shelter, education, and other services. What is so intriguing about this organization is the number of individuals they have. Currently they are open to 76 beds, and we believe that they can be open to more if they have the resources.

On April 28th-29th for one night we will be sleeping out in solidarity with the Covenant House. We will not only be out there for solidarity but to raise awareness about this issue. This sleep out will take place at 2955 Market Street in front of 30th Street Station. We are asking that everyone register and donate in order to meet our goalSo please follow this link or check out our cover page for more information!

Partnership with Gemelle Bowtique

Partnership with Gemelle Bowtique