All of our services/events are free!

Mental Health First Aid

We provide training for a 3 year certification in mental health first aid. Do you want to learn more about mental health or how to deal with someone's depression or panic attacks? Registration and training is free! Ask a team member for details or email us at

Round Table Discussions

Have a topic you want to learn more about? Have something you want to discuss with others in a safe space? Every fourth(4th) Saturday join us for our round table discussions where we have monthly topics and we find ways to handle them. Everyone is welcomed!

Meditation Services with Monique

Want a different way to heal? Monique Claudio owner of Bright Light Wellness does just that. Monique has a range of services from therapeutics to barefoot training. Monique does a great job and is available for private or group instruction.

Peer Specialist - 

Having some things you want or need to get off your chest? A peer specialist might just be for you. Project S.A.V.E offers Peer Specialist as a peer to peer mentor or just someone you could talk to. Peer Specialist are open to everyone but are assigned due to the nature of your concern. All peer specialist go through training and background/criminal checks.

Movie Nights - 

Every other first Friday of the month Project S.A.V.E has a community movie night. Come out at 7:30pm to enjoy some refreshments, some good vibes, and a great movie. We pick movies based off the topic months and as a community we discuss the movie together, finding ways of fixing the issue. It's always free and we love for you to come hang with the #healingcrew.

Acupuncture sessions

Did you know that acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine? Acupuncture can help with stress, pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, fertility issues, IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome), low back pain, allergies, numbness, joint pain, immune support, side effects of chemo and radiation therapy, arthritis, chronic pain, acid re-flux, heart burn, constipation, migraines, hypertension, neck and shoulder pain and tension, soreness, menstrual irregularities and pain, menopause, asthma, common cold, and so much more! You can receive FREE acupuncture treatments at West Philly Community Acupuncture by mentioning Project S.A.V.E! Enjoy :) For more information click here.

Yoga Instruction With Naima

Want to find a peaceful way to deal with stress? Want to just be able to relax and get your body moving? Want to be around individuals who are striving towards the same goal? Come to our yoga sessions. (Schedule is dependent on participation and requires registration)

Self Defense Classes

Having reminders of your trauma and want space to get it out? Come to our defense classes. (Schedule is dependent on participation and requires registration)

Acro-Yoga with Naima and Elle

Want to expand your yoga classes? Do you like to do acrobatics and get a great workout? Come out to our acro-yoga classes. (Schedule is dependent on participation and requires registration. Must indicate indoor or outdoor acro-yoga class)

Art Therapy/music therapy/dance

Sign up for Project S.A.V.E Art Therapy classes. Come learn how to express your feelings through visual art. All supplies will be given. Sign up for Dance classes with where classes will focus on movement and the way our bodies accept the movement. Beginners are welcomed. Classes are dependent on participation and requires signing up.

Specialized Counseling/Psychiatrist

Have you been a survivor of Domestic and/or Sexual Violence? Need a therapist to help you work through the trauma. Counseling services with our Therapists are only open to survivors of these heinous crimes. Due to the nature of these crimes and for the privacy of our therapist, we do not release names of anyone.

*We have referral services for Psychiatrists in your area.

We offer private and group training’s for schools, businesses, and anyone wanting to fight against violence!